It's knowing that you have no one to text after midnight, after too many whiskey and lemonades, after watching too many Korean Dramas filled with too many gorgeously devoted men declaring their undying love to beautifully unaware women. It's knowing that there is no one to tell you to drink water and take aspirin. No … Continue reading Yobo

I won’t lie, I’m a little tipsy right now.

There is disappointment in knowing that they were right, that being that close results in feelings. That thinking that you were smarter and more detached, that you could get through it. That someone could know you, truly know you, know what you're going to say and how you'll react and what you need, and accept … Continue reading I won’t lie, I’m a little tipsy right now.

Your choice

If it were just another friendship faded into the background, we would not have sat angrily in your car, decisively not saying the things we both needed to say, stubbornly refusing to let each other into the space we once shared. The space that was once warm and safe, is now as cold and empty as the last hug.